About Us

World-Class Production

At The Delano Millwork Group, we excel at Elevating Spaces By Strategic Vendor Selection, User-Centric Design, and Global Collaboration for Custom Solutions. By working with manufacturers worldwide, we creatively and practically meet clients' budget goals.

We provide consultative procurement management, for Retail, Commercial, Hospitality and Luxury residential projects. Our clientele is diverse and includes Hotels, Universities, Corporate offices, libraries, Independent and Charter Schools, Faith-based schools, theaters, and more.

Our furniture production boasts a diverse range of designs, using a spectrum of organic, eco-friendly materials.We also procure materials, accessories, components, and other integral parts from top-tier suppliers who have established a track record of excellence in the market
Why partnering with us?

Custom Experience: We are devoted to your design journey and walk with you all along the process from the design stage to your project completion.

Competitive Pricing: Benefit from our leverage as group owners, ensuring you receive competitive pricing that adds significant value to your projects.

Creative Excellence: Experience unparalleled creativity in FF&E space as we resourcefully design solutions that set your project apart.

Maximized Value: Get the most impactful results for every dollar spent, with Delano Group's expertise in optimizing budgets and delivering remarkable outcomes.

The Highest Precision

The use of laser technology in the equipment of the factory allows for high-precision processing of materials. Improving the cutting principles, reducing time and labor costs, as well as material consumption, is also one of the most impressive technologies of the company. Our companies have been trusted by customers for over 20 years. We supply products to countries all around the world.

Excellent product quality

In addition to the production of products in the classical style, we are passionate about the development of fashionable and innovative cabinet furniture for home and office space. In the production of furniture, we use not only our own materials: the company also purchases materials, accessories, components and other parts from leading foreign suppliers who have proven themselves in the international market for the excellent quality of their products.

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115 East 96TH Street
New York, NY 10128
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