About us


World-Class Production

Delano Millwork is an exclusive partner of Maestro Group. The main activity of our company is the production of custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, stairs, wall panels, dressing rooms and doors. Our production facilities equipped with modern high-tech equipment of world-famous brands. Our factory is situated on ten acres of land which allows us to take on any size project, our climate-controlled manufacturing and storage facilities deliver many logistic advantages to us and our clients. Innovative furniture technology, implemented in the technical equipment of the factory, processing, cutting and assembling of individual elements of furniture.


The Highest Precision

The use of laser technology in the equipment of the factory allows for high-precision processing of materials. Improving the cutting principles, reducing time and labor costs, as well as material consumption, is also one of the most impressive technologies of the company. Our companies have been trusted by customers for over 20 years. We supply products to countries all around the world.


Excellent product quality

In addition to the production of products in the classical style, we are passionate about the development of fashionable and innovative cabinet furniture for home and office space. In the production of furniture, we use not only our own materials: the company also purchases materials, accessories, components and other parts from leading foreign suppliers who have proven themselves in the international market for the excellent quality of their products.